Change is always hard. Here are some FAQs to put you at ease.

Simple. With our tailor made combination of advanced multi-level cyber security protocols alongside unbreakable encryption, we can assure all of our loyal customers that their data is encased in a digital fortress that only you and anyone you have sold your data to has the key to.

Well, that’s the best part! Your personal data is being sold every day to companies and corporations who, without your consent, use it for marketing and customer analysis, profiting from your personal information. However, you aren’t powerless to change this, here at All Mine we want to help YOU take control of what is rightfully yours, giving YOU the power back and allowing YOU to reap the rewards from your own data.

Aside from being in control of your own data, you will receive awesome rewards such as gift cards, special offers, and promotions. The best part is that you are completely in control of what you earn, with tailored rewards based on your data profile and settings. What are you waiting for? Start taking back the money that companies earn from selling your data!

Your data will only be accessible to you and those you wish to sell your data to; for sweet rewards of course!

All Mine uses a dual control mechanism that provides you with complete control. With every piece of data you provide you can choose from 3 different settings, allowing you to totally customise which data gets distributed in what way. These are:

  • Invisible: Like a ninja your data will be out of sight and out of reach, not showing up in any searches and not being sold to anyone.
  • Visible: Looking to earn some cash without being hassled? Visible means your data will show up in searches and can be sold to companies for analysis, but you will not be contacted directly as a result.
  • Contact: Maximise what you earn from your data with the contact setting. Contact means you are happy to receive calls based on the data you provided, earning insane rewards (warning, this setting is only for those who want to take back what they deserve from those nasty data selling companies).

At the click of a button you can take advantage of the 1000s of hours of hard work and dedication our team has spent partnering with leading companies who are interested in buying your data and understanding you better.

Using advanced and progressive technology known as the blockchain, all transactions are completely transparent, ensuring you get everything you are entitled to.

Have you ever tried to break into a bank vault and take the gold hidden within? Neither have we! At All Mine your data is just as important as those shiny gold bars, we make sure that your data is locked away securely in a single location that only you have access to. From there, it’s completely up to you what you do with your data, you can sell it or secure it, it’s your data after all. The worst part is that right now your valuable gold bars (data) are sitting in the vault of a big corporation, ready for them to take advantage of whenever they want! What are you waiting for? Take back control!

We can only collect data that you provide. It’s completely up to you what data you want to have control over, here’s just a few examples of data that using All Mine you can take back: Personal information, your insurance/s, attributes, interests, hobbies, and investments.

Identity theft is an issue that we take extremely seriously at All Mine, as such, we have spared no expense to ensure our service is equipped with the most advanced identity verification systems available. We use these systems to validate your identity and documents, this way your account can only be set up by you.

Of course! All you have to do is navigate to the “Preferences” section and click on “Export.

Your data can be safely and securely deleted whenever you want by navigating to the “Preferences” section and clicking on “Delete”.

No! At All Mine your data is safely encrypted in our database, so safe that not even we can see it!

After deciding you want to start taking back the money you deserve, All Mine will securely deliver your data to one of our partnered purchasing companies, where it will also be safely stored for your personal security and peace of mind.